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QuickShow Display (Tension Fabric Display)


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Introducing the Future of Display - "QuickShow" formerly known as Tension Fabric Display

Our "QuickShow" series including all display system (backdrop, door bunding, table, Fence, A Screen, etc...

This is a display equipment that presents your information flawlessly and is easy to store and transport. With its innovative design and outstanding features, it provides an excellent experience for your display.

Features and Benefits:

1. Wrinkle-free
The unique design of "QuickShow" utilizes wrinkle-free tension fabric, ensuring that every display is as fresh as new, without any wrinkle worries. Let your information display smoothly like silk.

2. Easy Storage, Convenient Transportation
"QuickShow" is designed for easy folding and compact storage. It is quickly pack up for convenient transportation.

3. Simple Installation
The smart design of "QuickShow" makes installation easy. Clearly marked connection points allow assembly to be completed in just a few minutes, no need professional workers, saving expensive labor costs.

4.Double-sided Design
The unique double-sided design of "QuickShow" allows your promotional information to be displayed from every angle for the audience. 

5. Perfect for Indoor Use, Environmentally Friendly and Comfortable
Designed for indoor environments, "QuickShow" is free of chemical odors, ensuring air quality. Whether it's an exhibition, conference, or other event, it creates a comfortable and eco-friendly experience.

6. Durable and Resistant to Damage, Reusable Multiple Times
Made of high-quality materials and it is washable. Durable and long-lasting, it maintains a new shine even after multiple uses, economically practical.